Website: https://exc-19.com/


A collaborative video project produced between May 11 and July 15, 2020 by Midi Onodera.

“Each video would begin with a written piece of 19 words. This text was then randomly and anonymously given to someone else to shoot video, photos or source found footage that somehow spoke to the written word. The footage would then be forwarded to another person for editing and finally a fourth person would create the soundtrack. The “collaborators” for each video would only be revealed once the video had been completed.”

My involvement

Video #61 Morning driving practice

#61 Morning driving practice

Words by Natasha Malik

Images by Dani Dilkes

Edited by Matt Soar

Sound Design by Windy Tan

Video #51 same morning coffee

View this video on the project’s website.

Words by Brittany Starkman

Images by Natasha Malik

Edited by Miko Wang

Sound Design by Paul Shephard