Personal Finance App

Design Pitch

This app combines 3 fundamental personal finance features into one application.

  1. Through Account Activity, users can see an overview of all of their finances and payments/bills.
  2. Through Expense Tracker, users can track, split, and settle amounts owed to themselves and others.
  3. Through Budget Wizard, users can set and maintain a budget on the go.

Alternative personal finance applications include:

  1. Banking apps such as the TD Canada App and Scotiabank App
  2. Shared expense tracking apps such as Splitwise
  3. Budgeting apps such as Mint and TD My Spend

While these applications enable an individual to perform just one of the three features above, my design streamlines all of these features into one user friendly application that can be personalized.

UI Design Project Stages

  1. Sketched and Ideated to conceptualize the design
  2. Created non-interactive testable storyboard for design critique
  3. Participated in design critique and implemented changes
  4. Created high-fidelity storyboard illustrating all tasks

Testable Storyboard

Task: Edit your monthly budget, increasing it from $1 250 to $1 500.

Design Critique and Changes

Critiques recieved

“It is ambiguous if the $750 shows the 60% spent or the 40% remaining”

“Visual hierarchy of information not effective”

“It is not clear from the interface that the month can be changed”

Changes made

  1. Ambiguity of the progress ring numbers reduced
  2. Visual hierarchy of screen improved with colour
  3. Calendar Icon replaced with drop-down icon to signal interactivity

High-Fidelity Storyboard

Account Activity

See overview of all finances and payments/bills.

Account Activity Home Screen

Expense Tracker

Track, split and settle amounts owed to others and owed to you.

Expense Tracker Feature Home Screen

Budget Wizard

Set and maintain a budget on the go.

Budget Wizard Feature Home Screen

Storyboard Illustrating All Tasks