Knowledge Media Design Portfolio

“The Knowledge Media Design Collaborative Specialization addresses the ways media and media technologies shape, and are shaped by, human activity.”

Project Repository

Theory and Methods in Knowledge Media Design

Summer 2020 / Instructor: Professor MaryElizabeth Luka / Grade: A+


A collaborative video project produced by Midi Onodera (password protected)

Field Notes Dossier

Massive and microscopic sensemaking in the time of COVID-19 (password protected)

Research Proposal

Affective experiences of Facebook Inc. products in the age of Surveillance Capitalism (password protected)

Interpretation and Meaning Making in Cultural Institutions

Summer 2020 / Instructor: Professor Irina D. Mihalache / Grade: A+

Interpretive Plan

Partners in Design: A journey into Good Design (password protected)

Community Convening Plan

Partners in Design: A journey into Good Design (password protected)

Review of Readings

Museum interpretation for change: Anti-racism work in art museums (password protected)

Just Sustainability Design

Fall 2020 / Instructor: Professor Christoph Becker / Grade: A+

Ongoing Reflections

A case of tech solutionism and additional learning reflections (password protected)

Book Review

Designs for the pluriverse: Radical interdependence, autonomy and the making of worlds by Arturo Escobar (password protected)

Term Paper

The current state of participatory design in computing and systems design practice (password protected)

Constructive Learning and Design of Online Environments

Fall 2020 / Instructor: Professor Lesley Wilton / Grade: A

Learning Journal

A weekly learning journal for CTL1608 (password protected)

Online Learning Environment

Building an online learning environment for adult reading circles (password protected)

Topics in Human-Centred and Interdisciplinary Computing: Design Theory & HCI

Winter 2021 / Instructor: Professor Robert Soden / Grade: A+

Reading Responses

Weekly reading responses for classroom discussions in CSC2604 (password protected)

Discussion Leading

I lead a discussion on the topic of User-Centred Design Thinking and their Critics

Final Paper

Participatory Design and Museums (password protected)